Two words you need to avoid when shopping for pockets

How to find women's clothes with pockets


We’ve spent a lot of time searching fashion websites in our hunt for pockets. A LOT. And in all our browsing, we’ve learnt an important lesson. Two words that should make you snort with derision and click on ‘next page’ pronto.

“Pocket detail”

Beware the pocket detail. It is usually just a fancy way of saying ‘fake pocket’. The pocket detail may look convincing – a patch pocket on the back of a pair of jeans, for example. The material is there, the stitching is there, but the actual pocket? Nowhere to be seen.

Find us a ‘pocket detail’ listing with a picture of someone actually putting their hand (or anything else) in said pocket, and send it to us. We won’t hold our breath.

Real pockets give you freedom to leave the house without a bag, and an air of cool insouciance. All that the ‘pocket detail’ will hold is your bitter disappointment and sense of frustration. Avoid.

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