Fake pockets or not fake pockets? That is the question.

Fake pockets are a pain! We love real pockets in our dresses, pants and sweaters. But even worse than not having pockets, is fake pockets. Fortunately, sometimes a fake pocket is actually a real one - here we help you figure out the difference.

Here at Pockets Rock! we’re all about having pockets in all of our clothes. But hanging out on Twitter we’ve started to realise that there is something considered possibly far worse than not having pockets:

Having FAKE pockets.

Not having pockets in a dress or pair of trousers is a pain, especially when there are so many good reasons to have pockets. We’re kind of used to it though. But adding things to a garment that look like pockets and aren’t actually real is just mean. Don’t toy with us.

But there is hope. Sometimes, what looks like a fake pocket is in fact a real one, but sewn shut. While this may seem like a weird idea, there are good reasons. Sewing up the opening to pockets can protect them during shipping, and prevent people from leaving things in them while trying clothes on.

So next time you pick up something that looks like it has a fake pocket, try the following:

  • Have a look at the stitching where it appears that the pocket is sewn up. Does it look tight and permanent, or is it temporary-looking?
  • Look inside the garment to see if there is actually pocket material the other side of the sewn up pocket.
  • If the stitching looks temporary and there is pocket material behind, you probably have a pocket! Here’s a great video we found which shows how to unpick the stitching without damaging your clothes.*

And there you have it – sometimes when life hands you fake pockets, it actually gives you real ones. Result!

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*Pockets Rock! is not responsible for you ruining your clothes if you go too far with unpicking seams! Use your judgement! 🙂

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