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Two words you need to avoid when shopping for pockets

  We’ve spent a lot of time searching fashion websites in our hunt for pockets. A LOT. And in all our browsing, we’ve learnt an important lesson. Two words that should make you snort with derision and click on ‘next page’ pronto. “Pocket detail” Beware the pocket detail. It is usually just a fancy way […]

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Fake pockets or not fake pockets? That is the question.

Here at Pockets Rock! we’re all about having pockets in all of our clothes. But hanging out on Twitter we’ve started to realise that there is something considered possibly far worse than not having pockets: Having FAKE pockets. Not having pockets in a dress or pair of trousers is a pain, especially when there are so many good […]

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Why we want pockets.

First up, we do realise that in the grand scheme of things, there are bigger issues in the world today than the lack of pockets on women’s clothes. But also in the grand scheme of things, this seems like such an easily fixable issue. After all, clothes for men have pockets in them as a […]

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