So this site is just about women’s clothes with pockets? Seriously?

Yes! Spot on.

No but really, just pockets? Why?

Because pockets are a weirdly elusive item when it comes to women’s clothing. They’re missing. They’re tiny. Sometimes they’re completely fake. Hardly any of them are real and useful.

Apparently women don’t need pockets, because handbags. But we disagree, and want to make it easier to add more pockets to your life.

So how does this work? Do you have a giant warehouse full of pockety goodness?

Wouldn’t that be great? Sadly we don’t. Instead we search high and low on the interwebs to find clothes with pockets and collect them all in one place, to make your search easier. When you click on the ‘Go to store’ button you will be taken directly to the vendor’s website where you can purchase the item in question. If you do, PocketsRock.com may receive a small commission.

I like the idea! Where else can I find you?

You can find us on Twitter or Pinterest. Follow along for updates.

Why no jeans?!

Jeans are about the only item of women’s clothing where pockets come as standard (well, except when they’re fake or so small as to be useless. But hey ho). So we figure that you can probably take care of finding those yourself, and it’s a better use of our time hunting down the lesser-spotted pocket in other types of clothing.

Why can’t I buy directly from Pockets Rock?

As an affiliate site, we partner with stores that stock the products we feature. When you follow a link from PocketsRock.com you will be taken directly to a store where you can purchase the item. If you do make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. By working as an affiliate store, we are able to list a far bigger range of items than if we held the stock ourselves.

I bought something on your recommendation and the pockets are fake. I’ve been sold a lie.

Eeek! That’s not good. We’re really sorry if you’ve been let down. We are reliant on vendor’s photos and product descriptions to establish whether items have pockets, so sometimes things can go wrong. If you want to return the item, please contact the site where you purchase it from. And do let us know so that we can remove it from our site.

I want to return or exchange an item. Can you help?

Unfortunately not. You will need to contact the store from which you purchased the item in order to arrange a return or exchange as per their terms and conditions.

What if I want to buy an item listed on your site, but don’t want to use an affiliate link?

The commission earned from affiliate links enables us to keep this site running. But if you don’t like affiliate links then no hard feelings. Make a note of the name of the item and the store from the ‘Product description’, and use your favourite search engine to find the item on the vendor’s website.